Hypercustom offers in collaboration with Julie Tippex Bookings a wide range of DIY instrument building workshops. Suitable for festivals, venues, music academies, conservatories, and art academies.


Yuri Landman presents Do-It-Yourself workshops whereby participants will leave with a finished electric instrument as well as a strong understanding of its structure and workings. The difficult soldering part will be taken care of by Yuri. Participants require no special skills and the difficulty of the process has been compared to building a piece of IKEA furniture!


In advance of the workshop Yuri will prepare the component parts of the instrument for the participant to use in construction. These include: pieces of wood in the required sizes predrilled with holes, easy to employ machine heads for the strings, magnetic pickups (good quality, equal to Fender), an on/off switch, a jack output, a few screws, bolts and nuts and some metal for the bridges, as well as sets of strings.


Each workshop is limited to 15 persons.

Duration of most workshops is approximately four hours, but also longer workshops are available. Often a series of workshops is happening if that suits the schedule of the organising party.


There are currently a long list of workshops available within a price range from 10 euro to 150 euro. Accurate info about each workshop can be found in the brochure that can be read here: http://www.issuu.com/yurilandman


If you would like to have a workshop in your neighbourhood, please inform local orgs and forward the brochure and try to convince to them!

Over 2000 workshop instruments have been sold so far!





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MoTA Sonica Festival @ Ljudmila Nov, Ljubljana SV

Siesta Electronique Festival Jun, Toulouse FR

Academy for Pop Culture May, Leeuwarden NL

Phonophon @ INM May, Frankfurt am Main GE

TAMK, Music and Media 8th International Week May, Tampere FI

Resonate Festival Apr, Belgrade RS

Motel Mozaique Festival @ TENT Apr, Rotterdam NL

Meet & Greet Mar, Leiden NL

Sonoscopia Mar, Porto PT

PXL Music Academy Feb, Hasselt BE

Islington Mill Feb, Manchester UK



Mo.č Dec, Vienna AU

Extrapool Dec, Nijmegen NL

Le Temps Machine Dec, Tours FR

iWeek @ MP Lab, Liepājas Universitātes Mākslas pētījumu laboratorija Nov, Liepaja LV

Katlaaed – Yard of Kultuurikatel Aug, Tallinn EE

Liebig 12 Jul, Berloin GE

Holland Festival @ Muziekgebouw aan Ôt IJ Jun, Amsterdam NL

Ambacht in Beeld Festival Jun, Amsterdam NL

Liebig 12 May, Berlin GE

TAMK, Music and Media 7th International Week May, Tampere FI

ISK Feb, Utrecht NL



B-Sides goes Migma Performance Tage @ Sedel Nov, Luzern CH

Ausland Oct, Berlin GE

Gitaarbouwersmeeting Oct, Apeldoorn NL

Design Academy Oct, Eindhoven NL

Deep in the Woods Festival Sep, Hastiere BE

Summercamp @ Liverpool International Music Festival Aug, Liverpool UK

AFF Aug, Genk BE

Dr8888 Jul, Drachten NL

SKIF @ Kuryokhin Centre May, St Petersburg RU

Platforma May, Moscow RU

Island CQ May, Komarom HU

Social Sounds Feb, Leeuwarden NL

Tanned Tin Festival Feb, Castello de la Plana ES



Double Dot Dash Oct, Reading UK

La Liceo Mutante Aug, Pontevedra ES

Meet & Greet Aug, Leiden NL

B-Sides Festival Jun, Luzern CH

Nuits Sonores Extra! @ Mikrokosm May, Lyon FR

Sonic Protest @ GRIM 14-15 Apr, Marseille FR

Tasmin Little Music Centre @ University of Bradford 4-5 Apr, Bradford UK

Ack! Ack! Ack! 3 Apr, Middlesbrough UK

Leaf on Bold Str. 2 Apr, Liverpool UK

The Old HairdresserŐs 1 Apr, Glasgow UK

The Smell 25-26 Mar, Los Angeles, California US

The Valley of the Vapors Festival @ Low Key Arts 21-22 Mar, Hot Springs, Arkansas US

Locus Solus Festival @ Le Lieu Unique 17-18 Mar, Nantes FR

Academy for Pop Culture 3-4 Jan, Leeuwarden NL



WORM 17 Dec, Rotterdam NL

MK Gallery 24-28 Oct, Bletchley UK

Coachwerks 22-23 Oct, Brighton UK

Royal Academy of Music 21 Oct, London UK

Time Canvas Festival 25 Sep, Antwerp BE

Gent Festival van Vlaanderen 23 Sep, Gent BE

Festival of Endless Gratitude 16-17 Sep, Copenhagen DE

Kollektiv Akt @ Mo.‘ 10-14 Sep, Vienna AU

Villette Sonique @ Parc de la Villette 27-28 May, Paris FR

Aifoon @ KC Netwerk 20-21 May, Aalst BE

Track, Happy New Ears Festival @ De Kreun 5-6 May, Kortrijk BE

Sonic Connections Festival @ De Brakke Grond 22-23 Apr, Amsterdam NL

Flipside 9 Apr, Eindhoven NL

World Minimal Music Festival @ Muziekgebouw aan Ôt IJ 2 Apr, Amsterdam NL

Academy for Pop Culture 31 Mar-7 Apr Leeuwarden NL



Le Guess Who? Festival @ Tivoli 25-26 Nov, Utrecht NL

ScheldŐapen 19-20 Nov, Antwerp BE

God DonŐt Like It @ Corsica Studios 14-15 Nov, London UK

The Noise Upstairs 12-13 Nov, Manchester UK

WORM 23-24 Oct, Rotterdam NL

Clandestino Festival 12-13 Jun, Gšteborg SV

Gideon Festival 4-6 Jun, Groningen NL

Zadkine Popacademie 5 Mar, Rotterdam NL

Eyedrum 24-25 Feb, Atlanta, Georgia US

Knitting Factory 23 Feb, Brooklyn, NYC US



Le Guess Who? Festival @ Tivoli 26-30 Nov, Utrecht NL

UniversitŽ de Nantes 24 Sep, Nantes FR

Mon Inou•e Symphonie Festival 18-21 Sep, Dunkerque FR

Oscillations Festival @ The Black Box 10 Sep, Belfast UK



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